Dahon after Tern Bicycles: the view from Dahon


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“In June 19, Josh Hon, formerly with Dahon, announced the launch of a new folding bicycle company, Tern Bicycles.

As a person who rides folding bicycles, I found the prospect of a new folding bike company exciting. At the same time, I wondered about the future of Dahon, given the exodus of quite a few people from that company. Assuming owners and prospective buyers of Dahons also had concerns, I directed several questions to Steve Cuomo, Dahon’s public relations manager.

Here’s what he said (my questions are in bold):

Is Dahon the same company it was six months ago or three years ago? If not, what’s changed: global reach, product line, mission?

On the whole, to U.S. consumers and bicycle retailers we haven’t changed, except that our global marketing team has stopped devoting such a big part of our resources to pushing the BioLogic brand at the expense of the Dahon brand. We’re refocusing solely on the venerable Dahon brand, and will not use the BioLogic brand any more, which we feel removes a distraction and is a step in the right direction. Internally, several Dahon employees have gone on to launch Tern. They will also assume the BioLogic brand for their accessories. While their departures leave a void, we’ve hired some significant talent recently, and Dahon still has 1,200 employees and global partners, and more than 100 current distributors around the world who are 100 percent behind the brand. The 2012 line of products has some new technology and models. These will be unveiled publicly at Eurobike this August, and will begin shipping the latter half of this year and in early 2012. The company’s future is bright, and we are very excited about the future.

Let’s talk about the BioLogic brand. As someone intrigued by the seatpost/pump and brake lever/bell of the Dahon Bullhead bicycle, I’m wondering how the loss of this brand affects how Dahon will spec its bikes in the future.

The previous marketing team put the BioLogic brand on many more-or-less “off the shelf” components that Asian parts makers offer to anyone. The brake lever with integrated bell is an example of this, and we will continue to use it minus the BioLogic logo. We plan to upgrade a lot of the components that were labeled BioLogic while leaving that brand off. The PostPump is not one of these examples. This unique design was licensed by Dahon, and Dahon did significant development work on it, improving it over the years. It will continue to come as standard equipment on many Dahon models, branded Dahon.

You have an interesting challenge from a communication standpoint: Do you expect any changes in the way Dahon communicates to prospects and customers?

As mentioned, we will launch 2012 models at Eurobike this August. We will also increase advertising with the Dahon brand. By some crazy coincidence, the outgoing marketing team seemed to de-emphasize the Dahon brand toward the end of their tenure while focusing more and more on BioLogic. We plan to increase advertising under the Dahon brand significantly, and will continue to attend trade events as always.

We all favor the organizations we’re involved with, but I’m interested in what Dahon really does right. What are its strengths? What is it working to improve?

Some say Dr. Hon is the father of the modern folder. He’s been refining the ride, fold and quality of folding bikes for about 30 years. We have our own factory (always have), 100 percent under our own control, with vast experience in engineering and manufacturing only folders. From the beginning the company was founded on the premise of increasing the use of bicycles and mass transit, and decreasing pollution. Dr. Hon has always felt strongly that by increasing the utility of the bicycle, making it easier to use under more circumstances, we can realize these ideals. There’s just so much history of Dahon being devoted to the folding bike category and the idea that more people can and should commute and simply get around in more environmentally friendly and healthier ways. I’m proud of Dahon’s support of groups like Transportation Alternatives, Complete Streets, MassBike, Clif Bar’s 2-Mile Challenge, California Bicycle Coalition, etc., etc. On the other hand, the bikes are not perfect. We continually work to make them easier to carry, lighter weight, fold smaller, look better. We feel they are the best on the market in terms of balancing all of these aspects, but they’re certainly not perfect. There’s always room for improvement.

I read recently that Dahon will serve all of Europe from a European factory. So, what does the “new” Dahon look like? How do recent events affect your employment levels and production channel?

Some of our production for Europe was being made in Europe for past several years. The difference is that we will now produce 100 percent of it there, and from a factory with new, state-of-the-art technology. We own our own factory in China, and plan to add another, but we’ve also supplemented our production with third-party factories quite a bit over the past few years and that will also continue where appropriate. Our employee level hasn’t changed significantly. We still have about 1,200 employees and partners around the world.

Is there any business relationship at all between Dahon and Tern?

None that I know of.

Given Dahon’s historic focus on lowest-cost production, what is the benefit to Dahon of being headquartered in the United States?

Doctor Hon was working as a physicist at Hughes Aircraft in the U.S. when he first developed his folding bicycle design. He developed prototypes and, at first, tried to sell the idea to existing bicycle companies. In the end, he moved to Asia to make the bikes himself. His family remained in the U.S. for several years until he was able to build up the business. They still have a residence in California and the global home base and North American sales and distribution hub is located in Duarte, California. We do not produce bicycles there. We have more than 100 distributors around the globe, and will likely add more over the next few months. I’m not sure you’d call a company that sells a lot of bikes priced over $1,000 “focused on lowest-cost production,” but nearly all companies need to remain price competitive, so we source our product where we get the best balance of quality at a competitive cost. Producing in our own factory give us the luxury of not disclosing all of our proprietary information to third-party factories. It also allows us to oversee quality under our own roof. It seems there is a trend toward more and more companies being spread around the world with employees in remote locations. And fewer consumers are concerned about where products are made, as long as the products have good design and quality at a fair price.

Finally, could you give me a brief summary of your history with and prior to Dahon?

I was the head of product at Cannondale, working there 1985-96. I was also vice president of Product Design and Engineering at Schwinn/GT, working in Santa Ana, California, from 1996 to 2000 (mostly before the Schwinn merger). Since 2001 I’ve been a sales and marketing consultant in the industry for many companies but mainly managing OEM sales for Selle Royal Group globally (crankbrothers, fi’zi:k, Brooks) and, since 2004, PR/marketing for Dahon. In the early 2000s, I launched Topolino Technology with Rafe Schlanger, and the I-Beam system with SDG.”


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Loja Fold N´ Visit (Store Fold N´Visit)





Abertura de Loja no Porto (Portugal) – Como tudo começou!

Em 2012 eu e a minha namorada fizemos a inscrição no “Biketour” que se iria realizar no Porto. Andávamos entusiasmados pois precisávamos de bicicletas para darmos umas voltas e para as férias de verão. Estava tudo encaminhado para termos as 2 bicicletas.

Estava próximo o evento, quando anunciaram o seu cancelamento por falta de verbas que permitiam a segurança necessária à realização da prova. Fomos reembolsados e eu fiquei com a tarefa de adquirir 2 bicicletas.

Sou um leigo no mundo das bicicletas e assim comecei a minha pesquiza. Deparei-me com o facto de não ter espaço para guardar a bicicleta na minha garagem, que é partilhada pelo prédio todo não sendo muito segura para as bicicletas. Já me roubaram a bicicleta guardada na garagem quando era mais novo e não queria arriscar de novo.

Pensei nas dobráveis. Fui ver a Hoptown 5 à Decathlon e pareceu-me o ideal para o que pretendíamos. Contudo, e depois de vários dias de pesquiza decidi comprar um Dahon Vitesse D7. Porquê? Pela qualidade dos materiais, garantia, a imagem e reconhecimento a nível mundial. Não são bicicletas baratas, mas não estou de todo arrependido do investimento que fiz.

Passei a ir para o trabalho de bicicleta. A minha namorada comprou uma bicicleta de fabrico Português (órbita), também dobrável.

Fomos de férias com as bicicletas na mala do carro e não tive de fazer nenhum investimento nos suportes para adaptar ao carro.

Entretanto, e como poderão ver neste Blogue, fui a Santiago de Compostela na minha Dahon Vitesse D7. Uma viagem de 280 Km que durou de 3 dias. A partida foi do Porto.

Esta foi a minha primeira grande viajem de bicicleta e adorei.

Talvez sejam estes momentos que mudam a nossa vida. Este foi certamente um momento de reflexão. Foram 3 dias de descanso espiritual, seja lá o que isso signifique, mas o que interessa é a nossa introspecção e de como nos sentimos bem.

Há uns tempos atrás nem imaginava fazer o que estou a fazer hoje…

Hoje estou a abrir uma loja de bicicletas no Porto. A loja é pequena e idealizei o  negócio para os alugueres e para turismo.

Com a ajuda das pessoas que fui contactando, rapidamente me apercebi que teria de fazer uma espécie de Bike Shop, onde para além de oficina também teria de ter bicicletas e acessórios para vender. Assim foi, está montada a nova Bike Shop do Porto, a 300 metros da estação de Metro da Trindade. Obrigado as todos pelo apoio.

Não é tudo!!!!

Vamos vender bicicletas dobráveis TERN.

A primeira loja em Portugal a vender esta marca.

Quem não conhece? Pois bem, fazendo uma pesquisa irão rapidamente saber a história DAHON vs TERN.

Apareçam na loja !!!!


New Store in Porto (Portugal) – How it all began!

In 2012 my girlfriend and I made the registration in the event “Biketour” in Porto. We were excited because we needed a bike for a spin and for summer holidays. Everything was forwarded to have 2 bikes.

Was close to the event, when they announced its cancellation due to lack of funding that allowed the necessary security necessary to complete the proof. We were refunded and I got the task of acquiring 2 bikes.

I am a layman in the world of bikes and so started my research. I came across the fact that I had no space to store the bike in my garage, which is shared by the entire building and is not very safe for bikes. My bike was stolen in garage when I was younger and  I did not want to risk again.

I thought of folding. I see Hoptown 5 on Decathlon store and it seemed ideal for what we wanted. However, and after several days of research I decided to buy a Dahon Vitesse D7. Why? For the quality of materials, warranty, image and recognition worldwide. Dahon Bikes are not cheap, but I’m not at all regretful that I made the investment.

I started to go to work by bicycle. My girlfriend bought a manufacturing Portuguese bicycle (Orbit), also a folding bike.

We were on vacation with bikes in the trunk and I did not have to make any investment in supports to adapt to the car.

However, and as you can see in this blog, I went to Santiago de Compostela in my Dahon Vitesse D7. A journey of 280 kilometers that lasted 3 days. The start was in Porto.

This was my first big bike trip and loved it.

Perhaps these are moments that change our lives. This was certainly a moment of reflection. There were 3 days of spiritual rest, whatever that means, but what matters is our insight and how we feel fine.

Some time ago I could not imagine doing what I’m doing today …

Today I am opening a bike shop in Porto. The store is small and I have idealized the business for rent and tourism.

With the help of the people who’ve been contacting, I quickly realized I had to make a kind of Bike Shop, where in addition to workshop would also have bikes and parts for sale. So it was, is mounted the new Bike Shop Port, 300 meters from Trindade Metro station. Thanks to everyone for their support.

It’s not all!!

I sell TERN folding bikes.

The first store in Portugal to sell this brand.

Who does not know? Well, making a research you will quickly know the history DAHON vs TERN.

Appear in store!!




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Embalar uma Dahon numa mala para transportar no avião

Packing a 20″ Wheeled Dahon Folder for Commercial Air Travel



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A great story!!!

Dahon Insider

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Just investigating some upgrades to do in my Dahon Vitess D7

Blog: Hands on Bike

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Resumo Santiago de Compostela 3º dia (03/11/2012) – último dia

Overview Santiago de Compostela Day 3 (03/11/2012) – Last Day


Bem, chegamos ao último dia.

Tomamos o pequeno almoço no Hotel. Comi pouco!!!

Começamos por afinar as bicicletas na garagem do Hotel e depois seguimos viagem.

A primeira paragem foi perto do Hotel. Aproveitamos a paisagem da Ponte e tiramos umas fotos.

Foram cerca de 2 horas de chuva seguidas sem parar. Nestas 2 horas passamos por caminhos complicados, subidas de rocha, mato, etc.

Paramos novamente numa Igreja para uns carimbos e fotos. Aproveitei para comprar água. O Bruno decidiu ir indo, pois estávamos a demorar muito naquele sitio.

Arrancamos, andamos uns Km´s e ainda não avistávamos o Bruno. Tivemos de parar mais vezes, pois o Vasco teimava em limpar melhor a corrente da sua bicicleta. Foi uma boa meia hora sem vermos o Bruno. Podem ver nos Extras o video que ele faz durante a nossa ausência.

Alcançamos o Bruno, e pouco depois paramos num largo com uma fonte e uma árvore. Enchemos os bidões e esticamos as pernas. Decidimos aqui que não iríamos parar mais até Santiago. Eu já estava cheio de fome!!!

Mais à frente, já esgotado, decidi que era melhor parar para comer uma sande.

Paramos num café onde nos serviram uma excelente sande,  acompanhada com uma boa cerveja. Aproveitei que o tempo estava mais quente e troquei de roupa.

Encontramos no café 4 peregrinos de Braga (que fica a cerca de 45 km do Porto). Estavam a fazer o percurso em 2 dias, e já estavam extremamente cansados.

Neste último dia deparamos-nos com muitos peregrinos que iam a pé. Lembro-me pelo menos de 2 grupos distintos em que iam certamente mais do que 10 peregrinos em cada grupo.

O pessoal de Braga foi-nos acompanhando sempre até chegar a Santiago de Compostela. Ora passavam eles por nós, ora nós passávamos por eles.

Quase a chegar a Santiago de Compostela, uma enorme subida e bem inclinada nos esperava. Eu já não consegui e fui a pé…

Chegamos a Santiago de Compostela por volta das 16h30 e depois de mais 82 Km.

Cumprimentamos-nos uns aos outros. Conseguimos chegar ao destino sem nenhum contratempo. Experiência única, acreditem!!!!

De certeza que todos nós iremos repetir a experiência, neste ou noutro caminho até Santiago de Compostela.

Mudamos de roupa e entretanto chegou a boleia que nos iriam levar de volta ao Porto.

Ainda fomos buscar o certificado de participação, como podem ver na imagem em baixo. Fomos visitar a Igreja e de seguida comeram-se uns petiscos num restaurante.

A minha Dahon portou-se muito bem. Eu sempre acreditei e fiz acreditar🙂.

Boas pedaladas e para o ano há mais!!!!!!

Video com fotos do Dia 3:



Well, we come to the last day.

We took breakfast at the Hotel. I have not eaten much!!

We begin by tuning the bikes in the garage of the Hotel and then we travel.

The first stop was near the Hotel. We take advantage of the view in the Bridge and took some photos.

Were about 2 hours without stopping rain. In those two hours we went through complicated paths, rock climbing, bush, etc..

We stopped again in a church for some stamps and photos. I buy water and Bruno decided to get going because we were taking too long on that place.

Bruno never showed up. We stopped more times, because Vasco was stoping to clean the bike chain. It was a good half hour without seeing Bruno. In Extras you can see the solo video.

Bruno was reached, and soon after we stopped at a square with a fountain and a tree. We filled the bottles and stretch the legs. We decided we were not going to stop more until reach Santiago. I was starving!!

Further ahead, already exhausted, I decided it was better to stop to eat a sandwich.

We stopped at a cafe where we were served with an excellent sandwich, accompanied with a good beer. The weather was better and i change my clothes.

Found in coffee 4 pilgrims from Braga (which is about 45 km from Porto). They were doing the route in 2 days, and they were extremely tired.

On this last day we find ourselves with many pilgrims who went on foot. I remember at least 2 distinct groups that were certainly more than 10 pilgrims in each group.

The people from Braga was always watching us till reach Santiago de Compostela. Oram they passed by us, oram we passed by them.

Almost reach Santiago de Compostela, a huge ascent was expecting us and well inclined. I went by foot…

We arrived in Santiago de Compostela around 16.30 and after another 82 Km.

Congratulate each other. We managed to reach the destination without any apparent hitch. Unique experience, believe me!!

I am Sure all of us will repeat the experiment, on this route or in another to Santiago de Compostela.

We changed clothes and friends arrive to take us back to Porto.

Still we seek the participation certificate, as you can see in the image below. We visited the church and then ate up some snacks at a restaurant.

My Dahon has behaved very well. I always believed and I make believe🙂.

Good cycling and there is more for next year.

Video with photos of Day 3:








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Resumo Santiago de Compostela 2º dia (02/11/2012)

Overview Santiago de Compostela Day 2 (02/11/2012)


Dormi bem e não acordei nada cansado.

Fomos tomar o pequeno almoço e encontramos pessoal de Águas Santas. Nesta altura ainda não sabíamos quem eram e de onde vinham, mas reparamos que um deles andava meio de lado🙂.

Começamos por afinar as bicicletas, lubrificar a corrente e afinar os travões. Eu nesta altura já não tinha travões de trás. Falha incrível na minha logística.

Por falar em logística, não voltarei a levar tanta carga. Depois desta expedição aprendi que se deve levar o menos possível e que existe roupa especifica para este tipo de viagem. O que me faltou a mim foi um bom casaco. O que ajudou bastante foi o fato, que protege bem as pernas e as costas.

Não andamos muito até pararmos em cima da ponte de Ponte de Lima. Mais umas fotos e um tempo que prometia melhorar, pois o sol estava a espreitar. Mais à frente paramos num café para carimbar a credencial e beberam-se mais umas minis.

Qual sol qual quê, começou a chover novamente, mas não muito. Este dia até foi calmo de chuva, chovendo esporadicamente.

Lá paramos em mais um café para carimbo e aquecer a garganta. Eu bebi um chá com mel! Alguns continuavam na cerveja. Este seria o último café que iríamos encontrar ao longo de alguns Km´s, segundo o nosso guia Vasco.

Na Serra da Labruja andamos com as bicicletas às “costas”. Gostei bastante deste trajecto, e como a minha bicicleta é fácil de transportar não senti grandes dificuldades.

Segundo o nosso amigo Vasco o mais difícil estava feito, e portanto fomos almoçar relativamente cedo em Rubiães, por volta das 12h30.

Depois de almoço foi quase sempre a rolar até chegarmos a Espanha. A caminho da Igreja de Tui apanhamos umas subidas complicadas. Aqui já estava cansado e já ia a pé em quase todas as subidas mais íngremes e ainda faltavam uns bons 40 Km´s. Paramos aqui para umas fotos e carimbos.

Aqueles 40 Km pareciam nunca mais chegar ao fim. Ainda por cima com algumas subidas complicadas no Km 30, talvez. Aqui já não era o único a ir a pé!!!

A noite estava a cair e paramos para por as luzes a funcionar. O Vasco emprestou uma luz ao Miguel Pinto e estava a montá-la no capacete. Eu e o Paulo decidimos seguir caminho, pois quando se pára muito tempo depois custa mais. Andamos bem, até que paramos para esperar pelo pelotão. Esperamos e esperamos, telefonávamos e ninguém atendia. Passaram cerca de 30 minutos, já estava de noite, e lá atenderam a dizer que já estavam no centro de Redondela. Deviam ter seguido outras setas amarelas, e foram por caminho diferente.

Toca a marchar até Redondela. Chegamos lá em 15 minutos e o pelotão estava maior. Os rapazes de Águas Santas estavam com eles e até nos arranjaram Hotel para dormir. Ficava a mais 9 km´s de viagem de  Redondela. Entretanto o Bruno foi a uma loja de bicicletas trocar os calços dos travões. Aproveitei e fiz o mesmo.

Bem, foi uma aventurar andar no meio do mato à noite!!!

Chegamos ao Hotel eram 19h30, depois de 82 Kms, e decidimos jantar por lá.

Na janta estávamos ao lado dos ciclistas de Águas Santas (pessoal muito fixe) e puxada a conversa a Dahon vem à baila. Diz um deles: “É estranho encontrar alguém que faça uma viagem tão longa numa desdobrável. No sábado vimos um tipo na Serra de Valongo com uma bicicleta igual à tua!!” Começaram-se todos a rir, pois sabiam que eu tinha ido a Valongo nesse Sábado. Ele apercebeu-se que era eu e corrigiu:” haaaa pensava que eram 2 malucos a andar numa desdobrável, afinal é só 1!!!!” Coincidência muito engraçada!!!

Cansados lá fomos dormir cedinho, não deveriam ser 23h00.

Video com fotos do Dia 2:



I slept well and woke up not tired.

We have breakfast and find guys of Aguas Santas. At this time we still didn´t know who they were and where they came from, but notice that one of them walked sideways🙂.

We begin by fine tune the bycicle, lubricate the chain and adjust the brakes. At this time  i had no rear brakes. Incredible failure on my logistics.

Speaking of logistics, I will not carry as much cargo nevermore. After this expedition i learned that i should carry as little clothing as possible and that there is specific clothing for this type of trip. What lacked was a good coat. What really helped was the suit that protects legs and back.

We Do not walked much until we stopped on the bridge of Ponte de Lima. A few more photos and a weather that promised better because the sun was peeking. Later on we stopped at a café for stamping the credential up and drank some more minis bears.

What sun!? It started to rain again, but not much. This day was calm of rain, raining sporadically.

There we stopped at a cafe for more stamp and heat the throat. I drank tea with honey! Some remained in the beer. This would be the last coffee that we would find over a few Km’s, according to our guide Vasco.

In Serra de Labruja we walk with bicycles in our coasts. I really liked this track, and how my bicycle is easy to carry, i didnt felt great difficulties.

According to our friend Vasco the hardest was done, so we went to lunch at Rubiães restaurant, relatively early, around 12:30.

After lunch was always scrolling to get to Spain. The path of the Church of Tui catch some tricky climbs. Here i was tired and was about to go by foot in my Dahon in most of the steeper ascents and there were still 40 Km’s to go. We stopped here for some pictures and stamps.

Those 40 Km seemed never ending. Top it off with some tricky climbs in Km 30, maybe. Here I was not the only one to walk!!

The night was falling and we stopped to put the lights to work. Vasco lent a light to Miguel Pinto and helped him mount it on the helmet. Paulo and I decided to follow the path, because when you had a long stop then it costs more. We rode well until we stopped to wait for the peloton. We waited and waited, and nobody answered the phone. We spent about 30 minutes waiting, it was evening, and then they responded to say that they were already at the center of Redondela. They should have followed other yellow arrows, and went by different path.

Let´s go to Redondela. We got there in 15 minutes and the peloton was greater. The boys from Aguas Santas were with them and they arranged us a Hotel. The Hotel was at 9 Km from there (Redondela). Meanwhile Bruno was at a bike shop and change brakes, because they were ended. I took advantage and did the same.

Well, it was an adventure walk through the woods at night!!

We arrived at the hotel were 19:30, after 82 Kms, and decided to have dinner there.

At dinner we were alongside the cyclists of Aguas Santas (really cool people) and in the conversation Dahon comes up. Says one: “It is strange to find someone who makes a long journey with a folding.On Saturday we saw in Valongo Sierra  a bicycle equal to yours!” All my friends start laugh because they knew that I had gone to Valongo that Saturday. He realized that it was me and corrected: “haaaa  I thought there was 2 crazy dudes riding in a  folding, after all it’s only 1!!” Coincidence very funny!!

We were tired and went to sleep early, should not be 23:00.

Video with photos of Day 2:


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